Wadhurst Opticians | Hearing Services FAQ’s
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Hearing Services FAQ’s

Some FAQ's that should whet your appetite

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my hearing!”

There may well not be. It is inevitable though that hearing fades gradually without our necessarily noticing and there may be clues to listen out for. For instance, if people are being asked to repeat things, if you are saying “Pardon” more often, or if it is difficult to distinguish one voice in a crowded room it may be worth Kevin checking your hearing.

Actually it’s usually family and friends who notice a problem whereas if you have a hearing aid they have nothing to comment upon!


“But won’t you just try to sell me hearing aids?”

The short answer is no. This is the point of our service. As we have built a business over 23 years centred on trust, regardless of whether Kevin finds a potential improvement, there will be no pressure to proceed unless you wish to.

(NB Applicable to receivers of Hear and Now launch letter)

Normally you would just pay a fee for professional time but in your case while we are in the launch period, we won’t even make that charge.

If it is agreed that hearing aids should be beneficial Kevin will have a customised pair made for you. You can put them through their paces for two weeks and only then, when you see Kevin again and want to keep them, do you pay. We would just ask you to check they are covered under your house insurance during the trial period.

As an indicator of price, the total for designing, supply and aftercre for a pair of top quality aids is from £700


“Aren’t hearing aids ugly, big and uncomfortable?”

No again. Think of computers, mobile phones and digital cameras to see how much technology has progressed. Today’s hearing aids are more comfortable, slim, light and discrete than ever before.

Interested in a hearing aid?

The next step is to make a time to see Kevin but, in the meantime, if you have any questions he would be delighted to hear from you.